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  • Pressure Relief Valves

    DPRH06-K-100 Polyhydron

    The DPRH06-K-100 Polyhydron relief valve is a direct-acting valve with a guided cushioned poppet. It is available in Cartridge, Threaded, and Subplate types, providing versatility and flexibility in its application.

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  • - 10% Dowty Hand Pump
    Hand Pumps

    Hand Pump – Dowty

    Dowty Hand Pump is a double stroke, single piston hand pump having capacity of working pressure upto 210 KG/CM2 and flow rating of 1.3 cm3/double stroke.

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  • - 20% Cartridge Relief Valve - Bucher Hydraulics
    Pressure Relief Valve

    RVDA-08-N-S-0-50 Bucher

    RVDA-08-N-S-0-50, Cartridge Relief Valve – Bucher: This unit is a differential area relief valve, cartridge type, this direct acting, poppet type, low leakage, screw in type, adjustable, pressure control valve.

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  • - 10% m+s hydraulic motor mp32
    Hydraulic Motors

    MP-100 M+S Hydraulic Mo

    MP Series Hydraulic Motors are highly efficient motors with high performance design.

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Yuken, Polyhydron, Hyloc, Bucher, Filtrec, Flutec and much more!

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Hydraulic Pumps

  • - 20%
    Hydraulic Pumps


     These Pumps are widely used as a source of hydraulic power. They combine stable performance and robust construction with a wide range of delivery rates.


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    Hydraulic Pumps


    Description:  These Pumps are widely used as a source of hydraulic power. They combine stable performance and robust construction with a wide range of delivery rates.


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    Hydraulic Pumps

    0P-3015, Gear Pump-COLT

    Description: Hydraulic Colt Gear Pumps are very high performance Colt Gear Pumps which are very reliable and durable.



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    Axial Piston Pump

    A16-F-R-01-C-K-32- Make

    Description:  High efficiency

    • Under the conditions of pressure 16 MPa (2320 PSI) and speed 1800 r/min, the volumetric efficiency is over 98% and the overall efficiency is over 90%. Low noise level
    • In the “A16” pump, the noise level is as low as 57.3 dB(A) [at the full cut-off pressure 21 MPa (3050 PSI) with speed 1500 r/min one metre (3.3 ft.) horizontally away from pump head cover.] Accomplishment of energy-saving.
    • Because the overall efficiency is high and the cut-off characteristics is sharp, thus the input power may be saved.
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Hydraulic Valves

  • - 32%
    Pressure Sequence Valves

    DPSS06-S-Y-25, Polyhydr


    Direct acting spool type pressure sequence valve. Models available :
    Internal pilot, internal drain.
    External pilot, internal drain.
    Internal pilot, external drain.

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    Flow Control Valves

    Flow Control Cum Check

    Description:  These valves are pressure and temperature compensating type valves and maintain a constant flow rate independent of change in system pressure (load) and temperature (viscosity of the fluid). They control flow rate of the hydraulic circuit and eventually control speed of the actuator precisely. Valves with an integral check valve allow a controlled flow and reverse free flow. Repeated resetting can be made easily with a digital readout.

    • Free Return Flow
    • Highly Accurate
    • Compact Design
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    Pressure Relief Valves

    Pressure Control Valve,

    Description: HC Type Pressure Control Valves – They are available with integral check valves for use when free reverse flow from secondary port to the primary port is desired. There are various types of valve including sequence and counterbalance valves, all of which are operated by a pressure rise in the circuit, sensed either internally or remotely.


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    Pilot Operated Direction Control Valves

    Hydraulic Direction Con

    Description: High Pressure High Flow High pressure [31.5 MPa (4570 PSI)] along which high flow means compact system design, Lower Pressure Drop System energy saving increased as pressure drop of each valve has been greatly reduced, Be sure that the difference between pilot pressure and drain port back pressure is larger than the minimum pilot pressure

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