Accumulator Safety Block

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The accumulator safety block serves as a multi-functional valve typically positioned between the operating system and the hydraulic accumulator. The safety block isolates the accumulator, particularly when the system requires maintenance or testing for various purposes.  

Essentially, the safety block functions as a pressure relief valve or an emergency shut-off device, safeguarding your hydraulic system against system failure or over-pressurization.

Asta Fluid offers safety blocks that are highly compatible with various types of accumulators, such as diaphragm, bladder, and even piston accumulators. The design of the accumulator safety valve is multi-functional and compact, aiming to minimize connections and save space. This enhances productivity, maximizes output, and minimizes downtime, thereby increasing profits.

Standard Components of Accumulator Safety Block 

An safety block is made of varied components where each of them are designed to serve their own unique purposes. These components include:

  • The manually adjustable safety relief valve
  • Manual release handle standard
  • 90-degree full orifice ball valve designed to isolate the accumulator from the system whenever needed. 
  • Manual operated bleed valve to bleed down the accumulator with the utmost safety
  • Optional female port in case you need pressure gauge alternatives